[Geany-Users] Hi! New to Geany. How does one develop in local directory, then move file inside geany to test?

Colin colin at xxxxx
Sat Jul 20 14:13:33 UTC 2013

Hi! Really want to like Geany. =)  Just found it, currently using sublime
text 2.  But while I like it, it's not so smooth, keeps pegging out our
cpu's while it needlessly updates unedited files in the sidebar.  So we are
looking for something else.  Have been using Dreamweaver, but is way clumsy
and slow. 


Would like to release Geany to all our developers out there, but there seem
to be some development process holes.  Maybe people can suggest/help.


Being a PHP software dev/product we do a lot of php editing locally, then
move to test locally and then ftp those changes out to various servers.
Sometimes we edit a half dozen files in a release and so we just want to
release those instead of pushing a full product release out to the web.


So far I haven't found any way to copy a file in Geany from one directory
local dev to another directory local test.  In fact I haven't found any way
at all to copy a file in any way at all.  Only new and save or save as.
This is a big hole in development because lots if not most people develop in
a dev directory, then move that to test.  Using php we like to test on the
fly, meaning we have to move the files to test and we don't want to have to
edit them directly in test or our changes will be lost.  Having to
constantly move out of Geany over and over again to move or copy a file
using a file manager is really painful.  Makes any of the joy disappear. 


This seems like a really easy thing.  Any help?  Thoughts?




To give you some context, we are #1 on google if you do a search on "Social
Publishing Software".  But we can't release this without a viable copy
option. =)  Or a local move/ftp option.


Note: this may be available, and it may be that we're just too new to find
it so any help is much appreciated.  Geany is almost great, but this and no
ftp make it really unwieldy for day to day use by web developers.  Who don't
want to overwrite their production files on editing.


If we can at least use Geany to develop in dev and then copy to test.  We
would be golden for the moment. FTP would be nice too. =)


Thanks for any help and the cool software,





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