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Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Fri Dec 6 22:20:15 UTC 2013

On 7 December 2013 08:49, James Brierley <jmb8710 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 06/12/13 21:07, Lex Trotman wrote:
>> Ubuntu does the hack in the GTK libraries, not to Geany so it won't help
>> compiling geany.
>> There are many distros based on ubuntu but with "normal" desktops you
>> could try.  That still gives you the Ubuntu software selection but since
>> they don't use the hacks there should be less problems.  Linux Mint for
>> example is more popular than the Ubuntu its based on (by some measures).
> Switching distributions based on one bug seems a bit drastic.

Sure, only discussed because the OP mentioned it.

> What’s more, I really like the Global Menu and HUD (when it works, which
> it usually has done until I noticed this) and I’d hazard a guess that the
> OP also would prefer to stick with Unity. In my case, once I had the
> ability to hit Alt and type whatever I wanted to do, I found that Geany, or
> anything, gave me all the keyboard shortcuts that something like Emacs or
> Vim could give me (only without a learning curve best measured on cosmic
> timescales) and I couldn’t live without it now.

As you say thats your personal and totally valid choice.

> Failing that, Xubuntu and Lubuntu are both just as present as they’ve ever
> been, and just an apt-get install [x|l]buntu-desktop away. Ubuntu !=
> Unitybuntu.

Good point, I had forgotten about the other Ubuntu spins.  I mentioned
distros based on Ubuntu to try to be re-assuring that most of the good
things of Ubuntu don't need to be thrown away, and the re-spins are even
closer. Although my experience its always best to re-install to change
desktops, but YMMV.  IIRC one of the Geany devs happily uses Xubuntu.

> Both desktops are nice, and as Unitybuntu runs fast on my machine (mostly
> because of the SSD) the much lighter Xfce and LXDE-based desktops would go
> like a bullet. I’ve played with them both, but have always started to miss
> Unity afterwards (mainly the HUD and Dash) and gone running back.

Stick with what you are happy with, and beat up on the developer to fix the
bug, though something like it has been there since it was first introduced,
so it maybe isn't as easy as just saying it.

> Anyway, not trying to start a holy war, just trying to dispel a few myths
> about Ubuntu, I don’t care what distribution people use. In any case,
> better to at least report a bug before jumping ship.

Yes definitely always report bugs, but not duplicates.  I don't know the
ubuntu preference for regression, adding to the old bug or new bug.


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