[Geany-Users] Lost ability to create a new file from a template

James Brierley jmb8710 at xxxxx
Fri Dec 6 21:49:17 UTC 2013

On 06/12/13 21:07, Lex Trotman wrote:
> Ubuntu does the hack in the GTK libraries, not to Geany so it won't help
> compiling geany.
> There are many distros based on ubuntu but with "normal" desktops you
> could try.  That still gives you the Ubuntu software selection but since
> they don't use the hacks there should be less problems.  Linux Mint for
> example is more popular than the Ubuntu its based on (by some measures).

Switching distributions based on one bug seems a bit drastic. What’s 
more, I really like the Global Menu and HUD (when it works, which it 
usually has done until I noticed this) and I’d hazard a guess that the 
OP also would prefer to stick with Unity. In my case, once I had the 
ability to hit Alt and type whatever I wanted to do, I found that Geany, 
or anything, gave me all the keyboard shortcuts that something like 
Emacs or Vim could give me (only without a learning curve best measured 
on cosmic timescales) and I couldn’t live without it now.

Failing that, Xubuntu and Lubuntu are both just as present as they’ve 
ever been, and just an apt-get install [x|l]buntu-desktop away. Ubuntu 
!= Unitybuntu. Both desktops are nice, and as Unitybuntu runs fast on my 
machine (mostly because of the SSD) the much lighter Xfce and LXDE-based 
desktops would go like a bullet. I’ve played with them both, but have 
always started to miss Unity afterwards (mainly the HUD and Dash) and 
gone running back.

Anyway, not trying to start a holy war, just trying to dispel a few 
myths about Ubuntu, I don’t care what distribution people use. In any 
case, better to at least report a bug before jumping ship.


"Unix is the worst computer operating system, except
all the others that have been tried."

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