[Geany-Users] Snippet completion not working + is code minimap planned?

Anh ale at xxxxx
Sun Dec 1 00:43:21 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I recently stumbled upon Sublime Text 2 and was pretty impressed with 
its Snippet completion and Code minimap.

I'm delighted to find out that Geany has snippet as well, but hitting 
Tab (my snippet completion keybinding) does not do anything for me... I 
did reload configuration + close/restart Geany

 From my snippets.conf
> # Optional keybindings to insert snippets
> # Note: these can be overridden by Geany's configurable keybindings
> [Keybindings]
> #for=<Ctrl>7
There is also the appropriate section for Python snippets
> [Python]
> for=for i in xrange(%cursor%):\n\t
> if=if %cursor%:\n\t
> elif=elif %cursor%:\n\t
> else=else:\n\t
> while=while %cursor%:\n\t
> try=try:\n\t%cursor%\nexcept Exception, ex:\n\t
> with=with %cursor%:\n\t
> def=def %cursor% (%cursor%):\n\t""" Function doc """\n\t
> class=class %cursor%:\n\t""" Class doc """\n\t\n\tdef __init__ 
> (self):\n\t\t""" Class initialiser """\n\t\tpass

The second issue is that I'm wondering if there's code minimap planned 
for Geany? I'm surprised that Google only turns up one such request.

Thank you all,
Best regards,
- Anh

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