[Geany-Users] fileheader comment-type

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Wed Aug 7 13:05:14 UTC 2013

Hi Johannes,

Le 07/08/2013 14:41, Johannes Lange a écrit :
> Hey geany users,
> I'm trying to change the the fileheader for C++ files to multiline
> comments (/* ... */) instead of (//).
> What I've tried so far is to edit "filetypes.cpp" and set:
> comment_open=/*
> comment_close=*/
> This works fine but affects my "toggle-comment" which is not what I want.

You should have also a "comment_single" setting, which for C++ should be
set to "//", and it should then normally work like you want.  BTW, this
is the default, at least for Geany 1.23.  Which version do you use?

Checking the log tells me the separate single-line comment support was
added in 0.21, but that a bug leading to use single-line comments for
multiline blocks was fixed in 1.23.

> In the "[styling]" section there are options:
> comment=comment
> commentline=comment
> but I don't know if they can help with my problem and did not find
> something about it in the documentation.
> It would be nice if someone knew a solution to this.

This has nothing to do with your issue, it's only used to chose the
coloring for syntax highlighting.

> A second question (but not that urgend) would be how to remove the
> indentation in the fileheader.

Which indentation?


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