[Geany-Users] fileheader comment-type

Johannes Lange johannes.lange at xxxxx
Wed Aug 7 12:41:15 UTC 2013

Hey geany users,

I'm trying to change the the fileheader for C++ files to multiline 
comments (/* ... */) instead of (//).

What I've tried so far is to edit "filetypes.cpp" and set:

This works fine but affects my "toggle-comment" which is not what I want.

In the "[styling]" section there are options:

but I don't know if they can help with my problem and did not find 
something about it in the documentation.
It would be nice if someone knew a solution to this.

A second question (but not that urgend) would be how to remove the 
indentation in the fileheader.
I have no idea where this is specified (obivously not in the template 
"main.cxx" or the "gpl"-file).

Kind regards,

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