[Geany-Users] Build command

Gert Leenders leenders.gert at xxxxx
Fri Aug 2 16:25:21 UTC 2013


I'm struggling to get the build command properly set...

I'm trying to compile the libnfc libraries via Geany.

The file contains this info:

// This is same example as quick_start_example1.c but using
// some helper functions existing in libnfc.
// Those functions are not available yet in a library
// so binary object must be linked statically:
// $ gcc -o quick_start_example2 -lnfc -I../.. quick_start_example2.c

In a terminal everything works fine (although i had to move the -lnfc
command to the end)

# gcc -o quick_start_example2 -I../.. quick_start_example2.c
../../utils/nfc-utils.o -lnf
>>Works fine.

I tried different things in geany like:
gcc -Wall -o "%e" "%f" -I/home/glnd/libnfc-1.7.0-rc7
/home/glnd/libnfc-1.7.0-rc7/utils/nfc-utils.o -lnfc
But without any success...

Can someone help me out?

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