[Geany-Users] "Project" alternatives? Tags?

Harold Aling geany at xxxxx
Tue Apr 16 10:20:30 UTC 2013

Dear list,

I am a PHP-developer who mostly uses Drupal as a framework. Until
recently I used the Project plugin to index our company-made Drupal
distribution. This takes about 6 minutes of 100% CPU load on each
start and close of Geany. If I forget to remove one or two website I'm
not working on anymore it can take up to 10 minutes for a single
open/close action, depending on the size of that sites.

... so I never close Geany and keep my PC running 24/7 ;)

I just tried replacing the Project with a .tags file, which works fine
for auto-completion, but lacks "go to definition" support, so it's
kinda useless to me.

I created the tags file using "geany -g" and it produced a
"format=tagmanager" file. Geany supports differend kinds of tags
files, like "ctags". Does this also add "go to definition" support? Or
is there an other way to get "go to definition" to work when using a

... and yes, this is like the 10th time I bring up this issue ;) I suck.



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