[Geany-Users] [patch] Improved brackets completion

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Fri Apr 5 23:28:34 UTC 2013

On 6 April 2013 06:04, Pavel Roschin <roshin at scriptumplus.ru> wrote:

> Hello!
> I'm currently working on patch (not plugin) that may improve current
> brackets auto-closing. Patch is under construction but I hope for
> feedback - may be you are interesting in some on those features in
> geany and may be you have some ideas how to do it better.
> Already implemented features. To use it all, enable all brackets
> completion in preferences.
> * auto-complete second char for: {, [, (, ", ' as geany does (rewritten
>   logic)
> * disable brackets auto-completion inside strings and comments

Thats a good idea

> * delete second completed char if you pressed BackSpace

Whats wrong with deleting it by pressing delete which does not need any
special handling and your "horrible hack" mentioned below?  This is
essentially contrary to the usual operation of backslash.

> * suppress inserting one char twice (if you type "{}" you will get
>   "{}", not "{}}")

What do I get when I am editing and accidentally delete the ( and then
re-type it?

> * wrap selected text into brackets instead of removing selection
>   (select text and type "(" or ")" to wrap selection into "()")

This should be a keycode, not automatic.  Its essentailly contrary to the
usual UI operation.

> * keep selection in cause of wrapping
> * for C-like languages wrapping selection into "{}" makes
>   auto-indentation (select text and type "{" or "}" - text will be
>   wrapped and indented)
> * {}-wrapper moves cursor to beginning (before first "{"
> * for C-like languages to insert {}-block you do not need to select
>   text precisely: geany detects boundaries automatically, just ensure
>   that selection covers lines you need to indent (works like TAB
>   indentation)
> * fix auto-indent inside {} for C-like languages (makes full indent for
>   this block)

I presume this works in accordance with the the indent settings, so it
doesn't change them if autoindent is off

> * auto-close functions ("sin(|" -> "sin(|);") with double-chars
>   suppression (for C only)

Does the tooltip still work?

> Patch itself and planning features you will find on my github:
> https://github.com/scriptum/geany-patches/
> I also planning to move all brackets logic from editor_notify to GTK's
> key-press-event because of lack of features in editor_notify events. Is
> it possible? I tried it and seems that it works fine...

Key press and adding a character to the buffer can be different things, not
all keypresses get to be characters in the buffer.  Admittedly brackets
might be fairly safe, but still it would be nice to keep the current
division for maintainability.

Test thoroughly that when each type of the autoclose preference is turned
off, all effects of this change must be removed.  As I said above it would
be preferable to maintain normal UI operation if possible.


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