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Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Sat Sep 15 08:48:54 UTC 2012

On 15 September 2012 18:24, Laszlo Nagy <gandalf at shopzeus.com> wrote:
>   Hi All,
> I was writting a compiler for a new language, and I was having problems with
> Geany. Whenever I tried to run "make" (e.g. press F8 in geany) there were
> three cases:
> * no error
> * error in the compiler program -> error message was a Python traceback
> * error in the source file being compiled by the compiler -> error message
> was a gnu formatted error message.
> I asked about this problem here before: what kind of regular expression
> should I use so that Geany finds both errors? The answer was that it is
> almost impossible, because Geany can only handle a single regular
> expression.
> Today I came up with another solution. It is a tiny wrapper program that can
> run any other command. It monitors the data that is flowing through stderr
> and stdout. It can run several different regular expressions on the output,
> and convert them into standardized format.
> It is trivial to change this program so that you parse the compiler output
> from program code (instead of a regular expression). It allows you to parse
> the output of almost anything, including cases when the information is
> spread in multiple lines.
> If anyone is interested, the "program" is attached. I'm not sure if it worth
> adding it to the Geany wiki.

Ingenious solution Laslo.  I think it is worth putting on the wiki.  A
few projects may use more than one language and compiler.  Since at
the moment we don't want to complicate Geany for a rare use-case this
gives a solution for those projects.


> Best,
>    Laszlo
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