[Geany] setting up 'plaintext' file type

Miranda Hawarden-Ogata hawarden at xxxxx
Fri Sep 7 02:50:21 UTC 2012


I've been using geany for a couple months and really like it as my nedit 
replacement, but I'm running into an annoying problem that I'm not sure how 
to resolve. I maintain a "running notes" file in my public_html directory, 
its extension is one of our invisible php includes but I don't want the file 
syntax-highlighting as a php file, I want to be able to create a plaintext 
file type that I can select that has basically no formatting whatsoever.

Unfortunately, nothing I've tried so far seems to work, if there are tags 
like <? etc in the file they trigger these really visually annoying blue 
underline marks on every line for the rest of the file. If I leave the file 
as php, most of it gets formatted as string code due to single and double 
quotes and that also makes it hard to read. I would really love to be able 
to set up some kind of config that just treats the text as simple plaintext, 
plain white or whatever colour text on a nice black background.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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