[Geany] Request for feedback: Geanyuniq

Emil Brink emil at xxxxx
Mon Feb 20 08:49:50 UTC 2012


I saw that "Remove duplicate lines - simple?" item on the Plugin
wishlist, and thought I'd have a go at it this weekend.

The results are at <https://github.com/unwind/geanyuniq>, and I would
love some feedback.

There is a huge known issue: because I tried to be clever(TM) and
install the menu item in a suitable place (rather than just at the
bottom of the Tools menu), this will likely break for localized
versions of Geany. Not good.

My idea on how to fix that is to make it customizable where to insert
the menu, so the user can enter the properly localized text to search
for. Other ideas? Is it "by design" that it's so hard for plugins to
add commands to arbitrary locations within Geany's menus? The GIMP
does this differently, with an abstract "menu path" concept that makes
it portable and easy to add items wherever.

Ignoring the menu item issue, the command is by default bound to
Shift+Control+D, and always runs over the entire document, ignoring
(and actually removing) the selection. Does this make sense? Should it
run only over the selection, if one is present? It outputs a line of
text to the Status window saying how many lines were deleted (if any
were deleted), is that a good idea, or annoying/spammy?




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