[Geany] HTML+Django template highlighting broken after upgrade to 1.22

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Wed Aug 29 19:22:37 UTC 2012

On 29/08/12 19:16, Mike Miller wrote:
> Hi,
> Unfortunately highlighting for my html templates was broken after
> upgrading to version 1.22.  I was able to fix most of it by asking geany
> to copy the entries from filetypes.xml to filetypes.html.
> The one remaining issue is that Django templating tags are still screwed
> up. I've googled but can find no mention of how to set those, though
> they looked acceptable in the previous version.
> I found this below in the file but it doesn't help to set the correct
> colors. How do I set the colors of the template vars and blocks?

Unfortunately, this isn't documented anywhere, neither in Geany nor in
Scintilla (which actually provides the different styles).

From a quick source-code-and-edit-config-to-verify session, here are the
styling settings you are interested in:



let's take the following example:

"{% load pages_tags i18n %}"

{% and %} will be styled with html_asp, "load", "pages_tags" and "i18n"
will be styled with python_identifier and the spaces between with
python_default. As far as I know, more styling is not supported by the
Scintilla HTML lexer (though I would be happy to be proven wrong).


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