[Geany] Yaml highlighting

Mike Miller geany-users at xxxxx
Wed Aug 22 19:49:01 UTC 2012


I'm editing a lot of yaml lately for host deployments and finding geany's 
support a bit lacking, even if my gripes are minor.

The first issue is that inline comments are highlighted as a string and not 
comments, e.g.:

         - foo  # very important option

The whole second line is string color.  Second, the dash is not recognized as an 
operator like the colon.

I'm expecting the - to be colored as an operator, "foo" to be colored as a 
string, and everything after # to be colored as a comment.  Notepad++ does the 
same, so I wonder if I am doing anything wrong?  The yaml parser I'm using 
understands the syntax above, so why not the highlighter?

Instead I'm putting comments on their own lines, but it isn't as intuitive an 
example for the recipient for specific comments. And I'd like the dash to be a 
different color as it seems to be part of the string.


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