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[ From Geany general discussion list (Matthew Brush) on Monday, August 20, 2012 ]

> On 12-08-20 02:27 PM, Jon Harbold wrote:
>> Matthew Brush <mbrush at ...> writes:
> I don't think the Windows help viewer (hh.exe) has any command line 
> options to specify search terms or keywords. You might find some better
> CHM viewer that does though. If you find such a program, the context 
> action command might look something like this:

FWIW, it must have something along those lines... I have another editor (PSpad, Windows only) that will open *.CHM files indexed to the selected keyword in a file. I have no idea how it does it, though. You could possibly trace the calls with Sysinternals process monitor or process explorer. But that's a bit off topic for Geany.  :-)

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