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Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Mon Aug 20 23:14:19 UTC 2012

On 12-08-20 02:27 PM, Jon Harbold wrote:
> Matthew Brush <mbrush at ...> writes:
>> On 12-08-18 08:03 AM, Jonathan Harbold wrote:
>>> I'm using the windows version of Geany, is there an easy way to add a
>>> quickrun option (one click button to compile temp exe -> run temp exe - >
> delete temp exe) without using a
>> batch file or other external script?
>> In the "Execute" build command, you should be able to put something like
>> this:
>>       yourCompiler -o yourtemp.exe && yourtemp.exe && del yourtemp.exe
>> And set the working directory to where the `yourtemp.exe` file will be.
>> It works OK but it won't give you compiler messages in Geany's compiler
>> tab. It will show them inside the command prompt window that opens instead.
>> Cheers,
>> Matthew Brush
> Thanks, that works fine.
> Can you tell me what I need to put in the context command in order to have it
> open up a chm help file and do a keyword search? With everything I've tried
> geany just gives me this error:
> Context action command failed: Failed to execute child process (Exec format
> error)

I don't think the Windows help viewer (hh.exe) has any command line 
options to specify search terms or keywords. You might find some better 
CHM viewer that does though. If you find such a program, the context 
action command might look something like this:

	betterHh.exe /s "%s" "C:\full\path\to\theHelpFile.chm"

Alternatively, you could extract the CHM file into individual HTML files 
and search those using Geany, grep, or some other utility.

Matthew Brush

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