[Geany] Geany Digest, Vol 71, Issue 4

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Mon Sep 19 06:26:36 UTC 2011


Am 18.09.2011 12:16, schrieb Peter Scholtens:

> I would expect that two weeks after 29/9 is somewhere around October 13th,
> as a string freeze for the plug-ins?

2011-09-29 should be a Thursday. This will allow me to commit all
updates which comes on last day of period and ensure everything is
coming in giving some room for double checking. Also it will allow me to
join a friend's birthday party at Friday night :)

However, I'm trying to put these dates on Saturday/Sunday as from
experiences of last years, this is the time most likely having time to
do all needed steps and orga work.

So, these are the dates (maybe we should install an public calender ;) )
just to ensure we are on same page:

Geany 0.21 String freeze: 2011-09-17
Geany 0.21 Deadline submitting translations: 2011-09-29
Geany 0.21 Release Geany: ~2011-10-01
Geany-Plugins 0.21 String freeze: 2011-10-01
Geany-Plugins 0.21 Deadline submitting translations: 2011-10-13
Geany-Plguins 0.21 Release: ~2011-10-15 (

I hope this makes sense ;)


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