[Geany] Geany 0.21?

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Sep 14 03:35:58 UTC 2011

> Well I am Australian so probably not much assistance in translating a
> language, but if there was documentation or some other way I could
> assist more than ahppy to help.

Thanks for the offer, but ahppy? yez'll afta spil betta thon thut tu
bee uny 'elp eh ;-)


PS seriously any patches improving documentation are always welcome.

The documentation is written from the point of view of the developers
(ie C compiled code) but Geany is used for so many different purposes
that it is hard for developers to predict all the different approaches
users can have, so its always useful to get input from elsewhere as
there may be expectations and understandings that are very different
to the developers view.

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