[Geany] File has been modified dialog over cifs

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Oct 19 22:15:38 UTC 2011

On 20 October 2011 01:29, John Beaumont | Beecroft
<john.beaumont at beecroft-science.co.uk> wrote:
> When saving files over a remote samba share I get persistent messages
> saying the source file has been modified. Even though no other process
> is using the file.
> Changing the disk check timeout to zero remedies the sporadic messages
> but I still get a warning on every save. I assume geany is just going
> on the modification timestamp which always appears to be 1 second out.
> The server's clock and my client's clock are synchronised although this
> shouldn't matter anyway.
> Is this a bug with cifs, or with geany? Got any ideas on how to fix it?

Hi John,

You are correct that by default Geany just uses the mtime to look for
time differences.

There can be issues with remote m-times for example the sequence write
file, read m-time can return the old m-time if the network hasn't
finished writing the file yet.

Partly because of the overhead and partly because of these issues with
remote timestamps Geany does not monitor files it can determine are
remote.  Unfortunately it can be difficult to portably do so for
locally mounted remote filesystems, eg samba, nfs etc.

So its not really a bug in either Geany or Samba, more a situation
where unexpected network delays give the wrong answer.

As you have found you can disable the intermittent checks, but not the
save time check since this warning has saved many a person from
accidental data loss.

If you are building your Geany from source you could try setting the
USE_GIO_FILEMON symbol to use GIO checking instead.  It may be better
or worse :)


> I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 and the server is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
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