[Geany] I can run programs

Sylvia Sánchez Mapalapa_Igu at xxxxx
Sun Nov 13 02:28:08 UTC 2011

But that's my problem!
I select Compile and it compiles.  I select Build and it builds.  But I 
select Execute and it doesn't execute anything.  It shows me a 
terminal telling me "Error xx, Press Enter to continue".  Press Enter 
and the terminal disappears.  That's all.  It never creates an 
executable and it never runs the program.  Even if the code is perfect.


I try with almost every distro on Earth.  Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora and 
Debian.  Is always the same.


On Jue 10 Nov 2011 17:13:27 Dominic Hopf escribió:
> Hi Sylvia,
> Am Donnerstag, den 10.11.2011, 14:00 -0300 schrieb Sylvia 
> > Hello
> > 
> > I'm programming in C using Geany.  It creates well the object but
> > Geany doesn't run the program.  Usually it doesn't create an
> > executable neither.
> Geany differs between compiling and building and program. 
Compiling the
> program usually just translates the C code into a binary object file
> (*.o file), building the C code usually generates a fully executable
> file.
> You can see that in the build menu, where you have different 
>     Compile (F8)
>     Build (F9)
>     Execute (F5)
> (Not sure if my keybindings are the default)
> So if you want to generate an executable and then run it you would
> choose Build and after that Execute or Press F9 and then F5.
> Hope this helps you so far,
> Regards,
> Dominic
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