[Geany] column numbering in status bar

John Yeung gallium.arsenide at xxxxx
Fri Nov 4 16:06:22 UTC 2011

Lex writes:
>> The caret [...] is between characters rather than on
>> them like older block cursors.  The column indicated by
>> the status bar is the character to the left of the caret [...].

JBF writes:
> I understand, but the usefulness of the value after "col:"
> in the status bar is to indicate in which column you will
> write if you type a key now. Not the number of characters
> before that position.

I don't really use Geany very often, so I haven't noticed this before,
but I agree with JBF.  There is nothing wrong with the reasoning given
by Lex, which I also understand completely, but the fact is that
virtually every editor out there gives you the column of the character
immediately to the right of the vertical bar.  Regardless of which way
is "more logical", most of us are used to having the column number
tell us which character we are about to type next.  (And if an error
message or search result tells us to go to a particular position in
the file, we expect that putting the caret there will result in having
our error/result show up immediately to the right of the vertical

All that said, I think it's not too big a deal.  I guess a preference
setting might be nice, but there are already a huge number of
settings.  And plenty of Geany users have not been bothered by the
status bar, so either they don't use it, or they don't care, or they
have adjusted to it.


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