[Geany] Changes to documentation

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Fri Nov 4 08:40:53 UTC 2011

Am 03.11.2011 23:34, schrieb Russell Dickenson:
> I am currently contibuting to the Geany newsletter, some of which
> includes explanations of Geany's features. Some of what I have written
> could be used to expand the Geany documentation and I wondering how I
> do that? Is it maintained in an existing git repo and if so: which one
> and would I be able to be given commit access to it?

We discussed this earlier on this or devel list I guess. The outcome
IIRC was that howtos etc. shall be added to wiki.geany.org. Of course
generic geany core documentation should go in geany.txt under terms
which have been discussed already in this thread.


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