[Geany] Does not re-open a non-UTF-8 file on startup

Gregor Heinrich hpv-mail at xxxxx
Fri Nov 4 08:15:52 UTC 2011


I have the same problem.

My files have an IBM850 encoding. After I had open the file, in the 
status line it says "Encoding: CP1252". On "document->set encodings->" 
it is UTF-8.

The two lines from my geany.conf after closing:


The first file I have reload with IBM850 and it is OK after reopen 
geany. The second file could not be loaded.

Default encoding for new files is: ISO-8859-15
Default encoding for non-unicode files is: IBM850
(The checkbox between these two options is set)


The debug messages:
08:41:52: Geany INFO: Geany 0.21, German_Germany.1252

08:42:07: Geany INFO: Trying to convert 18662 bytes of data from CP1252 
into UTF-8.
08:42:07: Geany INFO: Converted from CP1252 to UTF-8.
08:42:08: Geany INFO: C:\ebt\kt800-1.pro : strakon (CP1252)

file->properties -> Encoding: CP1252

Best regards

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