[Geany] HAML / SCSS code highlighting

Edoardo Tenani edoardo.tenani at xxxxx
Mon Mar 21 23:42:19 UTC 2011

Thanks for the reply... I think that custom files are not enough for my
need; infact HAML is similar to HTML ( and has some similarity with YAML )
and SCSS is really similar to CSS, but there are some differences that make
impossible to use a custom file type: for example in HAML you use code
folding ( like in python ), but the way you specify arguments is too
different from every supported type. Or in SCSS you use the CSS syntax (
with little modifications ), but you can nest selectors ( which is something
that you cannot do ).

Also with a new lexer all scintilla based editor can have HAML / SCSS

This reasons make me think that a new lexer is the best way to achive my

Edoardo Tenani
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