[Geany] About set geany colors tool. To John Gabriele or whom it may concern

luca at email.com luca at xxxxx
Wed Mar 9 09:27:38 UTC 2011

Hello! :)

the package set_geany_colors writtem by John Gabriele is not reachable 
[ http://www.unexpected-vortices.com/jmg/files/set_geany_colors.tar.bz2 

is there any chance to get it?
wouldn't it be a good idea to have it available directly from [ 
http://www.geany.org ] ?

Thanks and kind regards

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Follow up:

visiting the faq page at
[ http://www.geany.org/Documentation/FAQ#QQuestions7 ]

you can read
There is a tool for configuring color schemes, and a set of dark color 
schemes available here.
pointing at
[ http://www.geany.org/Download/Extras ]

where you find
Set Geany Colors
John Gabriele wrote a tool to set up nice syntax highlighting color 
schemes. You can download it at 
Ray Griffin wrote an installer for it that also installs the 
Config-Tiny perl module it depends on - note that it deletes any ~/tmp 

Now the link
[ http://www.unexpected-vortices.com/jmg/files/set_geany_colors.tar.bz2 
is not reachable

googling "set_geany_colors.tar.bz2" I cannot find any available 

Wouldn't it be nice to have this package, as any other extra, available 
directly through the [ http://www.geany.org ] site?

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