[Geany] Regex search and replace

daspostloch daspostloch at xxxxx
Thu Jul 29 12:59:16 UTC 2010

\s+$ seems to work for me, modulo some marking of white space in
the next line on some occasions. is that what you mean by "doesnt
seem to understand"? or is something else the problem?
did you check the checkbox "use regular expressions"?

best, paul

On 07/29/2010 02:43 PM, Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm really new to Geany and I'm trying to figure out how use the
> regex search and replace with and end of line marker.
> For instance, in perl/python regex syntax, I'd like to replace
> "\s+$" (all whitespace at the end of each line) with "", where
> '$' is the end of line marker. The regex in Geany doesn't seem
> to under stand '$' and I can't figure out how else to do.
> Clues anyone?
> Erik

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