[Geany] Using version control plugin

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Mon Jan 18 08:47:08 UTC 2010

Frank Lanitz wrote:
> Hi,
> Tristan Crockett wrote:
>> I have installed the version control plugin for Geany, but I can't find a
>> way to bring any files under source control.  What I'm looking for is a way
>> to add a repository and update from/commit to it.  The website lists update
>> and commit as supported for Subversion, but I can't find any menus that
>> would allow me to start doing this. The VC menu under 'Tools' just has a
>> bunch of greyed out operations on what looks like the current file
>> (presumably greyed out because there's no files under source control)
>> I'm thinking I am missing something, but there's not too many menus in
>> Geany, and it seems I have checked everything.
> I think the step which was missing here is to have a working, working
> copy. So e.g. if you work on top of a subversion repository you will
> have to checkout it first with svn co /path/to/your/repo /local/path
> When now working inside the working copy you shoudl be able to use the
> VC plugin. Of course, the svn binary needs to be inside $PATH.

I need to add:
As I cannot see which mail client you are using so you might work on
Windows or any other OS. To be honest, I never was able to bring
subversion with GeanyVC really up and running on Windows due some
serious issues with the OS I personally had. So if you are running
Windows, it should work pretty much the same as I mentioned before, but
I'm afraid I cannot go into more detail and give some support. All what
I can say, you will need to get the command line interface for Windows.
With tools like tortoise it will most properly not work - Maybe posting
a how to in such case (you are working on Windows) once you have figured
it out would be cool.


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