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Sherwood Botsford sgbotsford at xxxxx
Wed Jan 13 07:42:49 UTC 2010

Updated GTK, rebuilt spellcheck.

Install Spell Check plugin binary in : /usr/lib64/geany
Install Spell Check files in         : /usr/local
Using Geany version                  : 0.17
Using GTK version                    : 2.14.7
Using libenchant version             : 1.4.2

Still no joy.

Downloaded source for geany.  Start from scratch.

Remove the old version
Build the new version.
Spend 15 minutes figuring out that make install for geany does NOT put
geany.pc into /usr/share/pkgconfig so spellcheck configure fails.

(Hey, I'm a newbie...)

Build spellcheck

run /usr/local/bin/geany -v

** INFO: Geany 0.18, GTK+ 2.14.7, GLib 2.18.4
** INFO: Can't load plugin: /usr/local/lib/geany/spellcheck.so: undefined
symbol: gtk_menu_item_set_label

Time to snooze.


Sherwood of Sherwood's Forests

Sherwood Botsford
Sherwood's Forests --  http://Sherwoods-Forests.com
50042 Range Rd 31
Warburg, Alberta T0C 2T0
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