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Dominic Hopf dmaphy at xxxxx
Sat Jan 2 23:02:02 UTC 2010

Am Samstag, den 02.01.2010, 14:00 -0800 schrieb New Coder:
> Hi,
> I'm learning web development for the first time on Windows.
> I'd like to know if it is possible to have syntax checking for php,
> html and css.
> Also, this is a trivial question, but I can't see a 'Create New file/
> Directory' in the Document List sidebar when I right click. 
> Thanks in advance..

Syntax checking of PHP and (X)HTML is an easy one. Just use the
corresponding external tool als compiler program (which can be set via
Build->Set Includes & Arguments) e.g. the php command (maybe including
the path to the php.exe or php-cli.exe and some arguments) for PHP. For
(X)HTML there is HTML Tidy: http://tidy.sourceforge.net/ which can be
called from within Geany.

Unfortunately I don't know any tool which checks CSS Syntax, but there
may also is something from W3C.


Dominic Hopf <dmaphy at gmail.com>


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