[Geany] infile filetype

Christian Holland mail at xxxxx
Fri Apr 2 15:14:55 UTC 2010

I search about a possibility to set the filetype in the file itself.

E.g. a file is identified as shell script cause
first line starts with '#!/bin/bash',
but inside perl is called with -x.
So the file should be formatted as perl script automatically at startup.
I know, I can set the filetype within the menus,
but I have to do this everytime the is loaded.
With vim it is possible to do this automatically when the file is loaded
with a line '# vim: set filetype=perl:'.
For the encoding type, geany recognized a line with
'# coding: ISO-8859-15' .
I searched and tried with '# geany_filetype: perl' and
'# filetype: perl', but the auto filetype is shell-script at startup.

So, is there a possibility to set the filetype in the file itself ?

Regards Chris.
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