[Geany] RegEx search/replace start of line

Oliver Krystal mr.soup12 at xxxxx
Thu Apr 1 00:49:31 UTC 2010

Its really easy.  I have my "server" making the nightly builds.  A stock 
copy of mingw will do it no problem, provided that you follow the 
instructions on the webpage, its really easy.

The only other thing to warn you about is just make sure you change make 
to mingw32-make in the make file and run mingw32-make.  I spent a few 
hours trying to figure out why it wasn't working, when I tried that and 
it worked fine.  My server has been building the nightly for at least 2 
months in this method.

Possible you could rename make.exe to make.somethingelse and 
mingw32-make.exe to make.exe, but I haven't tried this, so I really 
can't say if it will and what it will do to other build systems.

On 3/31/2010 7:00 PM, Ross McKay wrote:
> Nick Treleaven wrote:
>> Should be fixed now in SVN, thanks for reporting ;-)
> Many thanks Nick, much appreciated. I really must investigate building
> Geany on Windows so that I can pick up the latest goodies there too!
> cheers,
> Ross.

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