[Geany] Geany Plugins 0.18 released!

Chow Loong Jin hyperair at xxxxx
Wed Oct 28 00:10:00 UTC 2009

Hi all,

We're happy to announce a new release of Geany Plugins, 0.18. Below is a
shortlog of all the changes since 0.17.1:-

eht16 (16):
      Attempt to fix crashes when quitting Geany from the system tray icon.
      ChangeLog updated :-)
      Fix wrong indentation level
      Avoid using GHashTable functions from newer GLib versions to fix
compilation with GLib 2.8.
      Fix version number
      We need the dot for proper building (e.g. on Windows).
      Merge changes from trunk
      Merge changes from trunk:    Allow setting a custom dictionary directory
without reloading    the plugin.    Add an option to the preference dialog to
select a custom    directory to look for additional dictionary files.    Minor
fixes.    Remove unused code.    Use single header includes.
      Update NEWS
      Fix wrong cast for Geany 0.18
      Add readme file for Windows mentioning the included binaries
      Update outdated information
      Update outdated information
      Install README.windows
      Beautify the filename
      Update for 0.18, install plugin dependencies as well

frlan (13):
      Backport bugfix for geanyLaTeX toolbar to 0.17.1 tree
      Update some of the documentation files to avoid empty files. Closes #2823235
      Backport some of updated translation to 0.17.1 branch
      Create branch for 0.18 tree
      Update of version strings and set minimum depedency for Geany to 0.18
      Update of documentation
      Update missed css file
      Update geanyvc to current devel version for 0.18 release
      Update NEWS file a bit
      GeanyVC: Fix a tooltip
      Set binary flag for geanyLaTeX's documentation PDF
      GeanyLaTeX: Also replace capital German Umlauts.
      Update/Backport of translations for 0.18 release

hyperair (14):
      Correct typo: COMMON_LIBS => COMMONLIBS
      Move ttyhelper to $libexecdir/geany-plugins/geanygdb
      Tag geany-plugins-0.17.1 release
      Bump version in configure.ac
      Bump version in configure.ac
      Bump versions in wscript and .nsi
      Create tag geany-plugins-0.17.1
      Port build system updates from trunk
      Turn on automake silent rules if supported
      Correct typo geadydoc => geanydoc
      Include waf files into the tarball
      Add README for autotools
      Correct typo and spelling errors in README
      Add missing files to POTFILES.in

ntrel (4):
      Create 0.17.1 bugfix branch copied from the 0.17 release.
      Fixes from trunk.
      Add NEWS from trunk.
      Minor reformatting.

yurand (2):
      Added geanyprj and geanydoc plugins
      Don't use gettext for empty string

Kind regards,
Chow Loong Jin

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