[Geany] Geany not getting focus on kubuntu

Randy Kramer rhkramer at xxxxx
Fri Oct 2 01:09:45 UTC 2009

On Thursday 01 October 2009 07:45:09 pm Lex Trotman wrote:
> 2009/10/2 Dominik Stadler <Dominik.Stadler at gmx.at>:
> > I rather would like to have the behavior like Firefox,
> > where I get the browser window moved to the foreground whenever a
> > new URL is opened from the commandline or some other application.
> Well Geany calls the appropriate function to make the window visible
> (gtk_window_present) but this is just a *request* to the window
> manager.  If its not being honoured you need to look if there is a
> setting in KDEs window manager that tells it to ignore the request. 
> I don't use KDE so I can't suggest where to look.

I think this is just the opposite of the problem I finally solved for 
myself on Debian / KDE 3.5 with kmail and konqueror.  I think what you 
want to do is try experimenting by setting Focus Stealing Prevention 
for geany to Low (assuming it is currently set to a default setting of 
normal) (or lower than its current setting, if it is set to low 

I recently did just the opposite for konqueror--I raised it from Normal 
to High so that konqueror would not come to the foreground when I 
clicked on a new link in kmail.

Rather than try to repeat the instructions here, go take a look at 

What you want to do is do what I did for konqueror for geany, only set 
it to a lower setting.

Hmm, that's a long URL--I should probably change the page name to make a 
shorter URL--it might get split in this email.

Let me know how you make out, and if you can add or fix something on 
that page feel free--it's a wiki, after all.

Randy Kramer

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