[Geany] VTE startup issues

spir denis.spir at xxxxx
Mon Dec 7 18:29:12 UTC 2009

William Moon <moon at cut.net> dixit:

> Hi,
> I am new to Geany and so far I really like it. I have two questions though.
> Every time I start Geany and look at the VTE, the prompt is gibberish. 
> When I use left click - Restart Terminal, the prompt is fine from that 
> point on during the session. Is there something I can do to get the 
> prompt to start up normally?

Same for me, but happens only if I run before having first done anything else in the VTE (one click inside the VTE is enough).
Not only the prompt is messy, but the VTE doesn't take its settings into account: need to right-click --> prefs, then all is fine for the rest of the session.

> Also, every time I start Geany the VTE starts in the same directory. If 
> I edit files in other directories and shut down Geany, when I restart it 
> the VTE is still in the same original directory. Is there a way I can 
> change the directory that the VTE starts in?

To add one point about the VTE: when working on an app with such a dir structure:
then the VTE is unable to "follow" the dir changes, when switching from one file in a subdir to a file in the other subdir. Actually, the dir change works only in one direction, depending on which subdir was first visited.
Eg if I first edited a code file inside /lib, then later changing from a file in /gen to a file in /lib will be followed by the VTE, but the opposite won't work.
It's not a big issue, just need top type "cd .. ; cd gen", but it's systematic so a bit annoying after a while.
("follow the path of the current file" is set, indeed)

> I'm using Geany 0.18 on Ubuntu Jaunty.

Ditto for me. I take the opportunaity to thank again all geany devs for this great tool.

> Sincere Thanks,
> Bill


la vita e estrany


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