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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Aug 24 18:49:44 UTC 2008

On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 10:56:21 +0200, "Gavin Elie"
<gelie at parliament.gov.za> wrote:

Hey Gavin,

sorry for the delay.
> I use Geany (version 0.14) quite extensively on Ubuntu (Hardy).


> I have tried to create a tags file manually from the W3 spec
> (http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/propidx.html). Then I copied the file to
> "/home/gelie/.geany/tags", but somehow it does not work. Is there
> something else that I need to modify or am I missing something ?

There are two problems:

Problem 1:
The file has the wrong name: user-supplied tag files in
~/.geany/tags must be named 'bla.filetype.tags'.
- 'blah' can be replaced by something more descriptive :)
- 'filetype' must be a supported filetype ('css' is fine)
- 'tags' is a constant

So, your file should be '~/.geany/tags/gavins.css.tags'.
The prefix is important and must be present. This is also mentioned in
the docs.

You can verify that this file is actually loaded when starting Geany
from a terminal with the '-d' argument, like
geany -d

Then open a CSS file and check the terminal output, there should be
a line like:
** INFO: Loaded /home/user/.geany/tags/gavins.css.tags (CSS).

Problem 2:
Geany doesn't support this format for CSS (yet).
There are two possible solutions:
a) we add the CSS filetype to the list of filetypes which use this
format (pipe-separated). But this would only affect the SVN version,
you still wouldn't be able to use your file with Geany 0.14
b) you or someone else write a script which converts your file into the
native tagmanager format.

I'd prefer a) as your list is 'generated' manually and not by a script
and so the pipe-separated format is easier to maintain but it's not
possible without changing the source code.
The tagmanager format doesn't cause any changes to the code but isn't
really nice for manual editing.

To get an idea how the tagmanager format looks like, see the files
scripts/create_py_tags.py and scripts/create_php_tags.php in the SVN
repository. Basically, it is a concatenation of the tagname, followed
by an integer to identify the type of the next string, then this
string, then the next identifying integer, and so on.

After all, if we have decided how to proceed, I agree with Frank to
include this list in Geany if you, Gavin, agree.


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