[Geany] Ctrl + C and the VTE

Rob van der Linde robvdl at xxxxx
Tue Aug 12 07:37:50 UTC 2008

Every now and then I build the latest SVN trunk of Geany, I think it was
about a week ago when I started to see this bug where when I run my app
in the VTE, and press Ctrl + C to end my app (which used to work fine),
it now ends the app, but leaving a blank VTE screen behind and the
cursor in the top left corner of the VTE, but the bash prompt wont load
anymore - I have a completely blank VTE.

I tried right clicking the VTE and choosing "restart terminal", but that
won't get it out of this mode either, it's completely stuck and I have
to restart Geany to get it back.

I have been updating Geany SVN regularly in hope it would sort itself
out over time, running the latest SVN now, but the bug is still there.
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