[Geany] New Release: Geany 0.12

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Wed Oct 10 16:13:06 UTC 2007


Geany 0.12 has been released.

There have been many changes since Geany 0.11. An almost complete
list can be found on http://geany.uvena.de/Documentation/ReleaseNotes.

Beside many improvements, new features and bug fixes we added a plugin
interface so users can use plugins to get more features into Geany and
other developers can easily add new features and/or improve existing
Unfortunately, there is no plugin documentation yet but interested
developers can use the included demoplugin to get started. If there are
any questions, remarks or the need for any function to be added to
the API, just mail on the mailing list.
Geany 0.12 comes with three internal plugins: classbuilder, htmlchars
and export.

There is already an external plugin, too. Jeff Pohlmeyer wrote a Lua
plugin with that you can use simple Lua scripts in Geany and has
already a nice list of sample scripts. The plugin can be found on
http://yetanothergeek.justfree.com/geanylua/ (unfortunately currently
you need GTK 2.10 to get it to compile but I guess Jeff will fix it

We want to thank all the translators who updated and added their
translations as well as the many contributors for this release. Thank

All downloads can be found as usual on
http://files.uvena.de/geany/ or

Please note the full installer for Windows (geany-0.12_setup.exe) can
only be used on Windows 2000 or newer. Windows 98 users should use the
small installer or the zip file together with a GTK 2.6 runtime
environment (available on http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/stable.html).

Happy coding,
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