[Geany] Geany 0.7 beta1

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Tue May 23 21:41:18 UTC 2006

Hi all,

it's time for a beta version, actual it is only the current SVN version.
There are some interesting changes which need testing.

Short list:
- new filetypes TCL and Ruby
- compile(read syntax check) support for Perl, Python and Ruby
- filetype definition files(these which are found in
$prefix/share/geany) can be overridden by files in Geany's
configuration directory(documentation for this follows soon)
- user-definable keyboard shortcuts are available in the preferences
dialog (needs to be tested)
- new menu item search with items from the Edit menu item and some new
- as usual some bugfixes (for more details read the ChangeLog)
- added translation for Catalan (this and the German translation are a
bit outdated, will be updated)

Get it:
(from uvena.de)
(from sourceforge.net)

Thanks for testing.


Get my GPG key from http://www.uvena.de/pub.key
Geany, a lightweight IDE using GTK2 - http://geany.uvena.de
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