[Geany] general suggestions

headstone headstones at xxxxx
Wed May 10 11:15:02 UTC 2006

Here are some further sugestions.

1. longline marker
Currently the distance to the left border is given by a number of pixel  
(am I right?).
Is it possible to use a number of chars instead?
So it will still be usable
  - when using the zoom funktion
  - or switching to another Font

2. scrolling
scrolling eats a lot of CPU on my system is there something like "smoth  
scolling" enebled by default?

3. unused symbols
is it possible that unused symbols won't be displayed

4. typo
There is an Typo in the german reload tooltip:
  "Ließt Datei neu ein"  Ließt –> Liest

4. Parser to find classes or functions
I used the word "class" in a comment, geany thought it is another class  
definition, so it adds this "class" to the symbol view.
The same to function definitions.
I think it can be tricky to solve this.

For Python these infos may help:
"class" (or "def" )is the first word in a line. Only whitspaces or tabs  
are allowed bevore.
The definition line ends with a ":". Only whitspaces or tabs are allowed  

cu Mr_Snede
and thank you for geany so far

By the way:
Sorry for the troubles with my last mail, i used the wrong e-mail adress  
to send

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