[Geany] bug with }-matching?

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Fri Mar 10 01:16:22 UTC 2006

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On Fri, 3 Mar 2006 12:25:18 +0100, Kristoffer A. Tjernås <kt at nupi.no>


> I'm using the debian package of the cvs, geany 0.5.4cvs. The problem
> has been there since 0.5.0 though, far as I can tell. 
> I'm currently working on a PHP project. When working with strings I
> often use {$var} notation inside strings to print the value of the
> variable. Here's 1 example where geany would crash (segmentation
> fault): $sql = "UPDATE " . N7_DB_FMEXT . " SET extension='" .
>                     n7_str_prep($n7_ext_up['name']) . "',
> mimegroup='" . n7_str_prep($n7_ext_up['mimegroup']) . "',
> mimetype='" . n7_str_prep($n7_ext_up['mimetype']) . "', mimeicon='" .
> n7_str_prep($n7_ext_up['mimeicon']) . "', comment='" . n7_str_prep
> ($n7_ext_up['comment']) . "', ext_allowed={$n7_ext_up['allowed']},
> ext_camoflash={$n7_ext_up['camoflash']}, ext_chmod='" . n7_str_prep
> ($n7_ext_up['chmod']) . "' WHERE ext_id='$key'";
> I would type in the whole string and then add the {} surrounding the
> variable: ext_allowed=$n7_ext_up['allowed'] -> ext_allowed={$n7_ext_up
> ['allowed']}
> on typing the closing bracket (}) geany would crash.
It occurs on my system, too. So it will be fixed soon, although I
still have no idea where it crashes ;-).

> I first though it was only related to using brackets inside the
> strings or something, but found out today that it's not. I was gonna
> add an "elseif" section to an if-else construct, and upon typing in
> the closing bracket geany crashed again. This time geany is refusing
> to restart though (I haven't tried restarting the comp).
Could you post some code around the if-else-construct?

It seems, there is a problem with the highlighting or finding of
matching braces. I will have a look at this.


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