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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
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On Fri, 16 Jun 2006 15:48:54 -0500, "Kurt Maier" <karmaflux at gmail.com>


> I've seen a lot of feature requests for things that don't fit Geany's
> "keep it lightweight" philosophy.  I was wondering how hard it would
> be to make Geany extensible?  Xchat, Gaim, and many other programs
> have perl scripting plugins, as well as python, tcl, and other sorts.
> I'd be interested to know if this is feasible -- if Geany had some
> kind of plugin architecture, we could keep the benefits of a small
> IDE, but allow third-party customization for things like subversion,
> gdb, and so on.
according to Nick's post and my last post in the previous thread:
The next goal is Geany 1.0 and after that, we can think about a plugin
interface. But as Nick already mentioned, probably it will be quite
small. Please be patient and wait until we'll get 1.0.

I wrote Geany to have a small and fast editor, with *some* nice
features of an IDE. In my opinion, this is what Geany 1.0 should be.
Then we have a (in my opinion ;-)) nice editor and we can continue
developing with some new features, and build a plugin interface. I
think for the begin there will be a C interface and perhaps a Python
one, the integration of the Python interpreter seems to be quite easy.
But these are all things to think about after Geany 1.0.

Please don't ask me or Nick for a release date. It's done when it's
done. I guess we'll finisch 0.8 within the next weeks, then somewhen in
the summer 0.9 arrives with project management and then, after fixing
all known bugs, 1.0 will be released.
This is just an estimate.


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