[Geany] Need help tracking down a bug

Bob Doan bdoan at xxxxx
Wed Dec 13 13:58:57 UTC 2006

> Personally I think most people wouldn't use the option, so if we note  
> the config file option in the documentation this should be fine. There  
> is also the ctrl-I binding for indentation that could be used in this  
> situation, which doesn't move the cursor.

Hym.. I still think the behavior is kinda odd.  Only scite does it that
way also.

I did a quick survey of other programming editors and here is what I

Line 1: <MAYBE TAB>if (1) {
Line 2: <MAYBE TAB><tab?>
Line 3: <MAYBE TAB>}

bluefish: Aligns Line 2 & Line 3 start of text on Line 1 (No extra tab
on line 2)
gedit: same thing
nedit: same thing

Eclips: Inserts the tab on line 2 like geany but does not move two tab
places then tab is pressed.

I think it should be on by default.  Unless I'm missing something who
would expect two tab cursor movements when only one tab is pressed?


- Bob

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