[Geany] Geany 0.6 preview

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Apr 23 23:44:29 UTC 2006

Hi all,

since I was busy as a bee today ;-), here is a preview version of Geany
0.6, some kind of release candidat.

The keyboard shortcuts for compile, build and execute should work now.
In Geany 0.7, many shortcuts will be definable.

I recommend, that you install this version in a separate prefix,
because nearly all filetype definition files(all files in
data/filetypes.*) have changed and I'm not completely sure, whether
further changes are needed. From now on, the build settings(compiler,
linker, execution flags) are stored in this files. This is the reason,
why Geany 0.6 has taken so much time. It was a lot of work to write
this stuff, but now the whole build system is more flexible. You can
use %f and %e wildcards(they are descibed in the filetypes.* files).
I hope you test this new feature, because there could be some bugs (it
is not yet well tested).
Also new is, that all build related functions can handle non-UTF8
filenames(and paths), which might be interesting for users, who don't
have a clean UTF8 system(like me ;-)).
Another nice new feature: you can drag files from a file manager
(tested Thunar and Konqueror) into Geany and they will be opened.

And there are several minor changes, bugfixes and applied patches
(thanks Nick), for details see the ChangeLog.

Here it is:

I'm looking forward to your bug reports ;-).
And please notice, that is not the official release, but a preview for
those, who are interested in testing and finding bugs. In a few days,
when I think the code is stable enough, I will release Geany 0.6.

thanks and good night,

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