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Sun Apr 9 21:19:18 UTC 2006

On Sun, 09 Apr 2006 21:15:58 +0200, Boštjan Špetič
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> first i'd like to say, that i really like geany. i never could get
> used to emacs, vi and similar text stuff, and since i use scripting
> languages i don't really need the full blown eclipse and such, and
> until geany i was very much dissatisfied with programmers editors in
thanks ;-), this is the reason why I wrote Geany.

> linux. the main thing i missed was symbols browser, which is found
> very rarely (i don't understand why)...
> so, i am curious about what's happening with 0.6?
I'm working on it, but there are still some things to do.
Please be patient, I think next week or in two weeks, I will have good

> and for a feature requset - a directory tree browser tab in the
> sidebar would be very handy... ;)
Well, this was requested two times before. But I don't want to
implement this, at least not in near future. I think this would result
in too much code, for too less use. Perhaps, it will go into 0.7 or


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