[Geany] Crash in geany 0.3 while searching for %size

Enrico Troeger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Wed Dec 28 14:37:07 UTC 2005


>> Geany exits out while searching for "%size" in any file, blank or 
>> otherwise.
>> (I haven't switched to 0.4, can anyone who is using 0.4 confirm this?)
>> Ali
> I get the same problem with Geany 0.4.
> I think the problem is line 144-145 of src/dialogs.c:
>     dialog = gtk_message_dialog_new(GTK_WINDOW(app->window), 
>                                   GTK_MESSAGE_QUESTION, 
> GTK_BUTTONS_YES_NO, string);
> If 'string' contains a % character e.g. %s then
> gtk_message_dialog_new looks for another string argument on the stack, 
> causing a segfault.
Yes, I just committed a fixed version of dialogs.c into CVS(should
appear within the next 5 hours). So, please give it a try and report if
it works or not, because I can't reproduce the bug(no idea why, on my
system Geany didn't crash).


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