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Clean up landing page and add Installation heading

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-<p> What you will find here is a lot of plugin stuff for <a href=
-"http://www.geany.org">Geany</a>. There is a Geany Plugins project</a>
-containing a lot of plugins, which is developed by various developers on <a
-href="https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins">GitHub</a>. </p>
+<p>This site is the home page for <a href= "http://www.geany.org">Geany</a>
+plugins. It includes official Geany Plugins, as well as 3rd party ones.</p>
-<p> Any plugin delivered with the Geany Plugins project is listed on the
-left sidebar (Or rather any plugin providing a valid README file written in
-reStructuredText. There are some plugins in an early development state, not
-having such a README file yet.) </p>
+<p>Some plugins may lack details. Feel free to bug us
+<a href="https://www.geany.org/Support/IRC">on IRC</a> about them.</p>
-<p> There also are some third party plugins for Geany. They are already
-listed on the left navigation bar, but maybe content is missing, yet. Feel
-free to kick our butts on IRC to complete also this pages and fill them with
-information. </p>
+See the <a href="install.html">Installation</a> page.
-<p>If you are searching for <em>any</em> plugin for Geany or information about
-a plugin, this website is (or will be) the right place to get those
+<h3>Developer details</h3>
+<p>The code for the plugins from the Geany Plugins project is hosted
+<a href="https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins">on GitHub</a>.</p>
-<p> The pages for any plugin delivered with the Geany Plugins project are
-automatically generated by a shell script using <a href=
-"http://docutils.sourceforge.net/">rst2html from doctools</a> and <a href=
-"http://www.html-tidy.org/">HTML Tidy</a>. Basis for that are the README
-files for each plugin, checked out and updated from <a href=
-"https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins">GitHub</a>, so if you think there's
-something wrong, you can feel free to report
-issues against the according plugin (or even this website) at <a href="https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins/issues">GitHub</a>.<br />
+<p>The details page for any plugin in the Geany Plugins project is
+automatically generated by a shell script from the README file of the plugin,
+using <a href="http://docutils.sourceforge.net/">rst2html from doctools</a>
+and <a href="http://www.html-tidy.org/">HTML Tidy</a>. If you think there's
+something wrong, feel free to report issues against the corresponding plugin
+at <a href="https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins/issues">GitHub</a>.
-The <a href= "https://github.com/geany/plugins.geany.org" >source code of
+<p>The <a href="https://github.com/geany/plugins.geany.org">source code of
 this script</a> (including the whole source for the plugins.geany.org
-website itself) is available on <a href=
-"https://github.com/geany/plugins.geany.org">GitHub</a> as well. </p>
+website itself) is available <a href="https://github.com/geany/plugins.geany.org">
+on GitHub</a> as well.</p>
 If you are a plugin developer and wonder why your plugin is not listed here,
 there may be several reasons for that:
 	<li>you didn't know of this site yet</li>
-	<li>the maintainers of this site didn't know of your plugin yet</li>
+	<li>the maintainers of this site don't know about your plugin yet</li>
 	<li>your plugin is part of the Geany Plugins project, but</li>
 		<li>you don't have a README file written in reStructuredText</li>
 		<li>or your README file is empty</li>
-		<li>or a README file doesn't even exist</li>
+		<li>or a README file doesn't exist at all</li>
 For any of these reasons, you will find more detailed hints on the
-<a href="index.php?site=README">List or update a plugin page</a>.
+<a href="README.html">List or update a plugin page</a>.

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