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Add docs on how to add a plugin to the Waf build system

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+Adding a new plugin to Waf build system
+Configuration checks
+Add a ``wscript_configure`` file in your plugin's root folder.
+This file contains checks for dependencies, like libraries your plugin
+requires.  If your plugin does not have any additional dependencies
+besides Geany, GLib and GTK, you can leave this file empty (but you need
+to create it nonetheless).
+Generally checks are performed with ``check_cfg_cached``.  An example
+to check for library ``foo`` at version 2.0 or newer might look like
+    from build.wafutils import check_cfg_cached
+    check_cfg_cached(conf,
+                     package='foo',
+                     atleast_version='2.0',
+                     uselib_store='FOO',
+                     mandatory=True,
+                     args='--cflags --libs')
+Build rules
+Add a ``wscript_build`` file inside your plugin's root folder.
+This files defines how the plugin is built, and has to at least call
+``build_plugin()``.  An example could look like this::
+    from build.wafutils import build_plugin
+    name = 'YourFancyPluginName'
+    sources = ['src/yourfancypluginname.c']
+    build_plugin(bld, name, sources=sources)
+If you checked for additional dependencies in ``wscript_configure``
+in addition to the standard Geany, GLib or GTK, you might need to make
+use of some results of these checks.  Given the configuration example
+above, you would need to add the ``libraries=['FOO']`` argument to
+the ``build_plugin()`` call::
+    build_plugin(bld, name, sources=sources, libraries=['FOO'])
 Additional things to do for a new plugin

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