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 \hypersetup{pdftex=true, colorlinks=true, breaklinks=true, linkcolor=black, urlcolor=darkblue}
 \title{Geany\LaTeX{} -- A \LaTeX{} plugin for Geany \\[1.5ex]
-	   \normalsize Version 0.6svn preview}
+	   \normalsize Version 0.6svn}
 \author{Frank Lanitz \\ \small{\href{mailto:frank at frank.uvena.de}{frank at frank.uvena.de}}}
@@ -62,11 +58,13 @@
 \section{About the plugin}
@@ -186,13 +184,11 @@
 Compiling and installing the code is done by the following three
+\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Compiling with waf}]
 $ ./waf configure
 $ ./waf build
 $ ./waf install %$
 For more configuration details, run \texttt{./waf --help}
@@ -216,12 +212,11 @@
 might like to use \texttt{htlatex}. The HTML version of this documentation
 shipped with source tarball has been compiled with
+\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Compiling of documentation}]
 htlatex geanylatex.tex xhtml -cvalidate -interaction=batchmode
@@ -408,8 +403,7 @@
 no be moved during the process. As an example for a book, this will be
 inserted to the document:
+\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Example of BibTeX entry for a book}]
 Author = {},
 Editor = {},
@@ -418,8 +412,8 @@
 Year = {},
 \subsubsection{Inserting cite-reference}
 Geany\LaTeX{} is searching here for *.bib-files inside the directory
@@ -467,23 +461,21 @@
 current position of cursor. If there is a selection activ, the selection
 will be included into environment.
 	... selected text ...
 In case of an empty (= no selection) an empty environment with
 will be inserted to the document.
@@ -567,6 +559,7 @@
 	\caption{Dialog for inserting \textbackslash{}usepackage\{\}}
 GeanyLaTeX{} can be configured in three major ways:
@@ -662,6 +655,8 @@
 Insert description list & Inserts an description environment as well as a 1\up{st} \textbackslash{}item element.\\\hline
 Insert itemize list & Inserts an itemize environment as well as a 1\up{st} \textbackslash{}item element.\\\hline
 Insert enumerate list & Inserts an enumerate environment as well as a 1\up{st} \textbackslash{}item element.\\\hline
+Insert BibTeX reference dialog & Opens up a dialog which is supporting insertion of BibTeX-references based on \texttt{bib}-files inside current directory.\\\hline
+Toggle autocompletion for \_ and \^ & Controlls whether braces should be inserted after \_ and \^ \ or not.
@@ -684,7 +679,9 @@
 As a result, your config file could look similar to this:
+\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Configuration to enable toolbar buttons if %
+						    no \LaTeX{} is active}]
@@ -706,7 +703,7 @@
 two documents it can be set to keep even there is no LaTeX document
+\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Configuration to keep \LaTeX{} menu inside menubar}]
@@ -727,7 +724,7 @@
 time you might set \texttt{glatex\_add\_menu\_on\_startup} inside
 menu section of configuration file to true.
+\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Configuration add \LaTeX{} menu on startup of Geany}]
@@ -752,8 +749,7 @@
 \texttt{glatex\_set\_autocompletion\_contextsize} followed by an integer
 value. An example could look like this:
+\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Example configuration for contextsize of autocompletion}]
@@ -762,14 +758,12 @@
-\caption{general.conf example for contextsize}
 \subsubsection{Apply autocompletion only to \TeX{}-like files}
 With this option, you can force Geany\LaTeX{} to apply all autocompletion functions also to non-\TeX{} file types as for example an C-source code file. As this is only in a very low number of cases a really good idea, the option is by default turned on.
+\begin{lstlisting}[caption={general.conf example for deactivating file %
+						   type specific restrictions for autocompletion}]
@@ -778,8 +772,6 @@
-\caption{general.conf example for deactivating file type specific restrictions for autocompletion}
 \subsubsection{Customized reference strings}
@@ -790,7 +782,7 @@
 \texttt{glatex\_reference\_all} inside configuration file as shown inside
 the example configuration snippet.
+\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Configuration example for customized reference strings}]
@@ -820,7 +812,8 @@
 inside \texttt{[autocompletion]} section of configuration file. An example
 which is turning off the feature might can look like this:
+\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Configuration example for autocompletion of %
+							\{\} after \_ and \symbol{94}}]
@@ -997,8 +990,7 @@
 A possible snippet for snippets.conf could be:
+\begin{lstlisting}[caption={Minimal snippets.conf for \LaTeX{}}]
@@ -1006,7 +998,6 @@
 enumerate=\\begin{enumerate}\n%ws%\\item %cursor%\n\\end{enumerate}
 description=\\begin{description}\n%ws%\\item %cursor%\n\\end{description}
 A snapshot of the authors' last version for LaTeX can be found on
@@ -1047,6 +1038,19 @@
 another tab in Geany's message widget.\\
 \textbf{Homepage:} \url{http://plugins.geany.org/addons/}
+\subsubsection{Tableconvert to convert a tabulator separated list into a table}
+Its an quiet annyoing problem which happens from time to time: There
+is a list of values e.g. from some experiment which needs to be
+included into your document. The \LaTeX{}-export filter of your
+spreadsheet tool is not very adavanced and you just want to insert a
+couple of lines and have to do it manually.
+Tableconvert is offering to convert a tabular separated list into an
+table. The plugin is also offering to convert such a list into a
+\LaTeX{}-like table and therefor is maybe useful on daily work.
 Geany\LaTeX{} and all its parts is distributed under the terms of the
 GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software

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