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GeanyGenDoc: Add a section in the manual to describe the UI in Geany

Add a new section in the manual that presents and describes the UI
that the plugin adds to Geany.

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   Whether to also document symbol's children (according to their own rules).
+User interface in Geany
+GeanyGenDoc adds an item named `Insert Documentation Comment` in the editor's
+pop-up under the `Insert Comments` sub-menu; and a menu named
+`Documentation Generator` into the `Tools` menu.
+Editor's pop-up menu
+The item `Editor's pop-up → Insert Comments → Insert Documentation Comment`
+generates documentation for the current symbol. It has a keyboard shortcut
+that can be configured through Geany's keybinding configuration system, under
+`GeanyGenDoc → Insert Documentation Comment`.
+Tools menu
+The `Documentation Generator` menu under `Tools` contains the following items:
+`Document Current Symbol`
+  This generates documentation for the current symbol. It is equivalent to the
+  item `Insert Documentation Comment` that can be found in the editor's pop-up
+  menu.
+`Document All Symbols`
+  This generates documentation for all symbols in the document. This is
+  equivalent to manually requesting documentation generation for each symbol in
+  the document.
+`Reload Configuration Files`
+  This force reloading of all the `file type`_ configuration files. It is
+  useful when a file type configuration file was modified, in order to the new
+  configuration to be used without reloading the plugin.
+`Edit Current Language Configuration`
+  This opens the configuration file that applies to the current document for
+  editing. The opened configuration file has write permissions: if it was a
+  system configuration file it is copied under your personal `configuration
+  directory`_ transparently.
+`Open Manual`
+  Opens this manual in a browser.
+Preferences dialog
+The preferences dialog, than can either be opened through `Edit →
+Plugin Preferences` or with the `Preferences` button in the plugin manager,
+allows to modify the following preferences:
+  `Save file before generating documentation`
+    Choose whether the current document should be saved to disc before
+    generating the documentation. This is a technical detail, but it is
+    currently needed to have an up-to-date tag list. If you disable this option
+    and ask for documentation generation on a modified document, the behavior
+    may be surprising since the comment will be generated for the last saved
+    state of the document and not the current one.
+  `Indent inserted documentation`
+    Chooses whether the inserted documentation should be indented to fit the
+    indentation at the insertion position.
+`Documentation type`
+  This list allows you to choose the documentation type to use with each file
+  type. The special language `All` on top of the list is used to choose the
+  default documentation type, used for all languages that haven't one set.
+`Global environment`
+  Global environment overrides and additions. This is an environment that will
+  be merged with the `file type`_-specific ones, possibly overriding some parts.
+  It can be used to define some values for all the file types, such as whether
+  to write the common `Since` tag, define the `Doxygen`_ prefix an so on.
+  Its most use case is not to need to change a file type's environment to change
+  the value of one of its elements.

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