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GeanyLaTeX: Add a hint how to set up backward search for DVI documents to documentation (Thanks to Michal Kaut for the hint)

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 daily work more easy without need to write a new plugin or extend
+\subsection{Geany's build system}
+On Geany you can define a couple of commands for the build system to
+improve work with your source file.
+\subsubsection{Document backward search}
+When working on a document it happens taht you find a typing error or
+some more generic issue on your document. Once this happend, its hard
+to find the correct position in your tex file. If you are using xdvi
+you can use the backward search function to jump to the right place of
+your document. An example configuration line for Geany's build system
+could look similar to  this snippet:
+xdvi -editor "geany --line %l '%%f'" "%f"
 \subsection{Geany's template system}
 If you don't need a dynamic template as described in chapter \ref

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